Nancy D.

“When Deborah and I started working together, I had had stomach issues for awhile.  I was so tired of feeling the way I was feeling. I was ready for a change. 

We sat down for quite some time with a very detailed questionnaire.If anything was a little off, it was me and my memory. She was kind and most of all patient. 

She gave me good advice on foods I should be eating and then ordered a long  list of supplements. It seemed like overload at the time, but I pushed forward.  saw a difference within a week and even more so in 2 weeks. Having seen the difference it makes, I now take my supplements in little containers to work with me. I feel so much better when I follow her guidance. I haven’t had heartburn for ages. I suddenly just noticed that. Deborah has what it takes to be a healer. She is a natural and she radiates her passion and love for the work.  She cares deeply for the health of the humans on this planet. I feel she has a wonderful and meaningful career ahead of her.”